This summer the temperature and humidity will rise in the Las Vegas valley making working out a challenge both indoors and out. Heat related injuries and illnesses are some of the most serious risks in the hotter months especially to active adults and families. Here are a few simple tips that can help reduce your exposure and maximize the good times this summer:

  1. Stay out of the sun- seek out shade and limit time spent in direct sunlight. Even on a mild day direct sunlight can greatly reduce the body’s ability to regulate its temperature. In Las Vegas direct sunlight is just part of life so make sure to limit time spent in direct sunlight especially as the temperature in the air and the humidity increase towards mid summer. Even something as simple as an umbrella can offer shade and reduction in ambient temperature

  2. Drink plenty of water- Our bodies use water to help regulate body temperature, water has an incredible ability to absorb energy and carry heat. Meaning that as the body heats up, that heat is stored in water that our body releases as sweat and evaporates on the skin’s surface to cool you. In order to adequately sweat and cool the body it is very important to drink plenty of water. This is especially important in the desert Southwest where humidity can regularly fall below 20% making it much harder to retain vital water.

  3. Reduce outdoor workout time to morning and evening hours- The sun is at its strongest between 11 am and 3 pm when the ground and lower levels of air have been fully heated and are now radiating heat up from the ground as well as being heated from the sunlight above. Because of this it is vitally important to restrict outdoor workouts in the afternoon time. In the Las Vegas area this window of time can expand from 9am to 8pm in the hotter summer months. Night walks and runs can be a great way to beat the heat but if time is a crunch then try working out in an air conditioned space.

  4. Protect your skin from sunburns- the skin is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for protecting the body from harm including overheating. When the skin is sunburned or damaged it is less able to produce sweat and less able to evaporate sweat over a large area. Simply applying 30spf sunscreen to exposed areas of skin can reduce damage to the skin and related structures by the suns rays.



As the summer months approach and those temperatures are starting to rise, lots of southwest residents look to escape the heat for a few days. All year you have worked on your fitness goals and the last thing you want to do is take an unscheduled rest day. Wherever you are heading to this summer don't let the summer months break your fitness routine. With some simple exercises you can create endless variations in your workout routine and keep things fresh even without your normal gym. There are a few simple exercises that can be done anywhere and can help you maintain your mobility and strength, really allowing you to maximize the benefits of your vacation.

  1. Lunges - From a standing position step one foot forward and lower your back knee towards the ground. Again this exercise can be easily advanced by changing the direction of your step. This can be a very effective lower body exercise targeting all major lower body muscle groups.

  2. Bedside Dips - Simply sit on the edge of a bed or chair, place your hands on either side of your hips, then lower your body down in front of the chair or bed by bending at the elbows and shoulders, then push yourself back up. This exercise can be very effective on building the upper body muscles and can be scaled to any skill level by moving your feet closer to the bed (making it easier) or farther from the bed (making the motion harder).  

  3. Suitcase Sit-ups - Laying face up on the floor with your hands overhead, swing your hands forward and sit the body upright, as the body sits up pull your knees towards your chest balancing on the tailbone, then slowly extend the body back out.  

  4. And of Course… Burpees! - From a standing position simply lower down to a pushup position, then stand back up. You can add any level of variation to this exercise from a simple push up and jump to any one of your favorite plank movements.

“Example of a hotel room or hotel gym circuit:

5 Burpees

10 lunges each leg

10 Suitcase Sit-ups

10 Bedside Dips

Go for 10 minutes, add one burpee and take away one lunge, situp, and dip each round.”



Weight loss can happen easily when you keep your diet filled with foods like these. Give your body what it needs to burn calories, regulate hormones and satiate hunger.


Eat eggs for breakfast, in your salads, as a snack...just eat eggs! They are full of protein and nutrients, and they fill you up. Don’t leave out the yolk- eat the whole egg for the most health benefits. 


Start your salad with a bed of leafy greens like: kale, spinach, swiss chard & collards. Low calories, low carb and high fiber, leafy greens are super nutritious with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Get your calcium from your salad- some studies show it aids in fat burning.


Throw salmon in your salad or eat it with a pile of veggies on the side. Easy to prepare, low in calories but high in omega 3 fatty acids and iodine, salmon is a go-to protein source that benefits the thyroid keeping your metabolism running strong.


Pile up the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts. These veggies not only fill you up without the calories and add lots of fiber to your diet, they even have protein content higher than most veggies. Cruciferous veggies are also known to contain cancer fighting substances.


Keep it unprocessed for your heart health and up your intake of lean beef and chicken for a filling high protein meal or snack. Your cravings go down and weight loss goes up.


Throw ½ an avocado into your salad. A brilliant source of healthy fat, avocados are in fact a fruit. Their healthy fat helps the body absorb the antioxidants in your veggies.


Snack on nuts for balanced protein, fiber and healthy fat. Nuts can improve metabolic health and populations who eat nuts tend to be leaner, so enjoy- just don’t go nuts on the nuts...they are fairly high in calories.


Try eating ½ a grapefruit before your meals. It is known to suppress appetite reducing your calorie intake. 


Throw 1 oz of chia seeds into your smoothie. Incredibly high in fiber, chia seeds can help fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied longer.


Make fruit your go-to snack or include it in any meal. Yes- fruit is high in natural sugar AND that sugar is released slowly into your bloodstream thanks to its fiber content making fruit an excellent weight-loss friendly addition to your diet.

Don’t Let The Scale Get You Down


Often times when we begin a new workout routine or have been doing a workout routine for a while there is a tendency to get frustrated with lack of movement on the bathroom scale. Body weight can be a tricky thing. There are several concepts to understand that contribute to this effect but it is important to remember that change takes time and you will need to stay consistent in order to make any changes lasting.

The first roadblock to get over is the concept of a body weight “Set Point.” The Human body usually does not want to change size and shape. If you try to lose an enormous amount of weight the body will compensate by releasing hormones to make you more fatigued or more hungry. Similarly if you try to gain weight the body will reduce your appetite and increase metabolic output. Because of this it does take a strong push to get the body to respond to your initial dietary and exercise changes but with consistent changes over time the body will respond and you will eventually see the results you are looking for. 


The second culprit that can lead to excess pounds is “Muscle Tone.” Another difficulty when beginning a weight loss or fitness program is the initial increase in lean muscle and bone mass that happens as a result of increasing physical activity. Most of this increase is due to water retention and an increase in “Muscle Tone”. Muscle Tone is a muscles preparedness to flex or do work. As muscle tone increases the amount of fluid held within the muscles increases which can cause you to hold on to a couple pounds as you begin an exercise program.


Lastly it is important to remember that the human body adapts to stress and you will eventually hit a “Metabolic Equilibrium.” Although you have reduced or increased your caloric intake and made changes to your exercise habits, these changes can not be sufficient for indefinite weight loss or gain. If you consume 500 less calories in a day your body will adjust its lean mass to sustain itself on the lower amount of calories. 


When beginning a new fitness regime, it is important to remain realistic with your goals and your expectations. No amount of body weight will change in a short amount of time. Weight loss or weight gain takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to accomplish. It is most important to remember where you started from and how long it took you to get in that shape. Allow time and remain consistent and changes will take place. 



Don’t waste time filling out that OTHER bracket you’ll never win, join our POWER MADNESS BRACKET instead for a chance to win great prizes! Starting March 19th all of our studio locations will compete to see who will make it to the big dance and win the grand prize. Here’s how it works:

Phase 1 Qualifying (3/19-3/30):

Power Madness is an intra-studio challenge for our members during the March Madness basketball tournament. During Phase 1 Participants will collect points from 3/19-3/30. Members can accrue points any way they want.


Phase 2 Bracket Competition (4/1-4/4):

We will then take a 1-day break to establish a leaderboard. Starting on April 1st each of the top 16 members at each studio (64 total) will be placed into a daily challenge bracket. Brackets will be filled at each studio by placing #16 against #1, #15 against #2, #14 against #3, etc.

During the bracket competition, points will only be taken from the best class that one-day. You can do more than one class BUT we will only take your best score. The members with the most points in each bracket will move into the next day’s bracket.

As the week progresses the top 64 will work down to a final 4.

Monday 4/1: 64 (32 brackets)

Tuesday 4/2: 32 (16 brackets)

Wednesday 4/3: 16 (8 brackets)

Thursday 4/4: 8 (4 brackets)


Phase 3 The Finals! (4/6-4/8)

We will have a Final 4 day with the top 4 finalists and we will end with the final between our top two competitors and crown the CHAMPION.

Saturday 4/6: Final 4  

Monday 4/8: Final


Note: All challenges are determined by points earned in class. This is a COLD BLOODED competition, if you can’t make it that day you will automatically lose. Don’t be a bracket buster! Join today - It’s going to be MADNESS!



North Vs. South
House Pierson Vs. House Bennett
The Kings Of The North Vs. The Herd 


Chris Pierson from our Southwest Studio and Richard Bennett from our Northwest Studio will battle each other to help raise money to fight childhood cancer at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving event on Mar 2, 2019 at McMullan's Irish Pub. The team with the most money raised wins. Both sides will shave their heads but the loser will shave…EVERYTHING! 

Join the fight and support your favorite studio. You can join their team and donate. Or, you can join and volunteer. Any volunteer that raises at least $50 gets a FREE T-shirt. And, anyone who joins their team and also shaves their head in support will get a FREE T-shirt too.

Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of infants, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers.




It's getting to be that time of the year, the first weeks are ending and the lofty resolutions we made for ourselves are most likely slipping away. All the goals we set, the promises we made to ourselves are becoming difficult to keep up with on a daily basis. There is no place in life where this is more true than with our workout routines. Whether it is bad eating habits or skipping workouts the key is to not lose sight of your end result. Dieting or exercising for one day or even a couple days will only give you very brief changes, these often wash off in the shower as we fall away from our plan. Remind yourself that your goals are important to you, they will not be accomplished in one day or one week even, and remind yourself the only way to reach your goal is to show up every day ready to work for them. 


Remind yourself that this goal is important to you. Whether it is for health reasons or for body image reasons, if the goal is important to you and you know exactly why, you are more likely to stick with your plan. Outline your goal with a starting point, an end point, and everything that has to happen in the meantime. Each day you want to skip what you need to do, remind yourself the only way to reach your goal is that it is still important and you need to chip away day by day. 


Remind yourself that your goal will take some time. Lack of results can be a major deterrent to many people in keeping with a health related goal. These things are slow processes and if you are not consistent over a long period of time, it will be difficult to see any changes. Each time you get frustrated by a lack of progress remind yourself that this is a long process and the only way to be successful is to show up ready to work everyday. 


Show up everyday! This is an essential part of reaching any goal or target. Most of the hardship you will face will come as barriers to showing up or barriers to getting started. As long as you get to the gym every day, you will have good days and bad days, but if you fail to show up then every day will negatively affect your progress towards your goals.


When the going gets tough, the tough keep showing up! Don't let your new year's resolutions die just yet, don't give up on that weight loss, strength, or endurance goal. Each day you hear that voice in your head telling you to just be comfortable, remember that the only way to make lasting change is to make yourself a little uncomfortable. So get off that couch and revisit those new year's resolutions, it's not too late to make lasting change this year.  



The importance of writing down your goals is beyond making a commitment. There is magic in putting something in writing.

You are setting your intention which in turn creates energy and momentum.

You don’t have to know HOW you are going to achieve a goal when you write it down. It is amazing how the path reveals itself once you put it down on paper.

If you have a weight loss goal, write the number down on a sticky note and post it next to your computer or pin it to your sun visor in your car...somewhere you will see it multiple times a day and be reminded of where you want to be. Go one step further make a list of small goals leading to that big number and cross out each one as you hit the goal. It can be increments of 2 or 3 lbs. Oh the satisfaction of crossing out each one then drawing a big circle around that ultimate goal weight when you reach it!

Even on a smaller scale, at the end of each day write down a list of things you want to achieve the next day. It finishes one day with satisfaction and starts the next day off with purpose. Check off each one as you complete them. The focus and productivity toward each goal happens much more organically when you have put your intention down on paper.

Try it.

Create the momentum.

Write it down.

Make it happen.