Staying Active During The Holidays


We all know the holidays can be a stressful time of year. From vacations, to gathering with family and friends, keeping up with your fitness routine and staying active often falls by the wayside. This holiday season avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain and keep up with your health goals with a few simple strategies.

First, plan to stay active! Intentionally set aside time for physical activity. When on vacation take advantage of hotel fitness centers, or if weather permits plan outdoor activities. As little as two 30 minute workouts a week can help maintain your fitness level.

Next, nutrition is a large part of any health or fitness program and this time of year is notorious for overeating. It is important to be aware of portion control, when it comes to holiday weight gain, the amount of food makes all the difference.

Finally, keep your goals in mind but still enjoy the season. Don't beat yourself up if you miss one or two workouts or cheat on your diet a little. This time of year is full of indulgences but if you plan even a small amount of time to stay fit, your health and fitness goals don't have to fall off during the busy holiday season.