1. Keep your workouts a priority!

Tis the season for holiday cheer. Look at your holiday calendar and make the adjustments to your schedule necessary to get your workouts in...even if you are only able to fit in 30 min instead of an hour somedays.

REMEMBER: If you fall off the fitness sleigh during the holidays, come the new will pay.


2. Eat 1 fresh fruit or veggie with every meal & snack.

This will keep you in the habit of choosing healthy foods even if they are paired with a side of mashed potatoes or a holiday cocktail.


3. If you plan on a big blowout holiday party where the drinks are bottomless and you will be taking full advantage, don’t drink any alcohol the 2 days leading up to it.

Your liver will thank you and you will avoid that bloating that comes from back to back days of drinking.


4. For every hour of your work day, do 1 minute of exercise!

Whether it is jumping jacks at your desk or incline pushups on the copier...kick out 1 min of exercise every hour and you’ll be burning a few extra calories toward those holiday indulgences...PLUS  I guarantee you’ll have your entire office on the bandwagon!


5. Stay clear of Starbucks! Pick 1 day of the week to treat yourself to this 500 calorie plus cup of liquid heaven. 

All of that cheer in the coveted Starbucks holiday cup is so seductive! MAKE IT COUNT, and treat yourself on the way to work ONLY for that casual fun Friday or save it for after your kick butt Saturday morning workout.


6. Step up your cardio.

If you have the choice between taking an elevator or taking the stairs-stairs every time. Instead of circling the parking lot for 30 min to find a parking spot close to the door, head to the furthest parking spot and power walk to the entrance! Every little bit helps over the holidays.


7. Sign up for a Holiday Fun Run!

Whether you are doing the 1 mile walk or 5k run... do it! It’s something fun for you to do in the festive season AND it keeps you focused on your fitness.


8. Work-in some healthy options to your holiday meals while indulging in the real-deal favorites that you crave!

Instead of making the low-fat, sugar-free version of your favorite pumpkin cheesecake (yuck!), ditch the string bean casserole for fresh sautéed French beans.


9. Commit to your New Year fitness goals ahead of time!

Don’t wait until Dec 31st to start considering your fitness goals for the new year. Preparation is key. Set yourself up for success by deciding your schedule and which days you will be hitting the studio for your fitness as well as getting ready to reign in your nutritional habits for a new year reset.


10. Buy a new pair of shoes and 1 new piece of workout clothing.

Everyone loves a little pick me up in the gear department! Buy yourself some new kicks and/or a killer new piece of clothing that you can’t wait to test drive in the gym.


11. When you have a holiday dinner/party/get together on your calendar, don’t make the entire day a 100% clean that day leading up to the event.

Drink water like a champ, snack on raw veggies & fruit, eat a light salad for your lunch. When it’s party time, ENJOY!


12. Tell your trainer when you will be in their class, so they expect to see you there and you are accountable to getting your buns to the studio!

Accountability is HUGE especially when there are so many temptations pulling you in all directions over the holiday season. You will enjoy your holidays so much more if you keep your fitness a priority