Meet Our Run Club Ambassadors

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Heather Carter

I didn’t start running until after I had my daughter. Prior to that I’d been overweight and out of shape. Could barely keep up with Dane when we attempted to hike. About a year after she was born I started with a sprint triathlon, then jumped into my first half marathon 2 months later. Since then I’ve done another sprint triathlon, at least 20 half marathons, seven marathons, one 50k and one 50 miler. I have plans for another 50 mile race this year with the goal of 100 in the next two years. Now Dane has to try and keep up with me when we hike!





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Harmony Wittmayer

I never thought I would land my dream job! I was never much of a runner and used to think I had to carb load (a lot) for a 5k in college. Then I moved out to Vegas and a friend had to drag me over a finish line of a 5k in Henderson, and the rest became history. I have run several 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, 2 marathons, as well as road & trail Ragnars. Running is now ‘who I am’ and I look forward to being the Ambassador of the NW PH360 Run Club to inspire others to run for fun, as well as fulfill their dreams.