1.   Tell me how you first got involved in with Power Hour 360?

“I have always loved running, and at age 35 I began competing in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, so I have had trainers help me reach my goals over the years and wanted to do the same for others. I just have a deep passion for helping others in their fitness journey, as I know how being healthy can make life so much more enjoyable. What a blessing and joy it is for me to help others become leaner, stronger and more confident.”


2.   What has surprised you most about teaching at Power Hour 360?

“I came from the weight lifting side of fitness, in addition to being an endurance athlete and enjoying running my entire life. So, what has surprised me the most about personally training at PH360 is the strength I have gained. I am leaner, stronger, have a greater range of motion and I’m the healthiest I have ever been! The program won me over when I went to my first class at the Summerlin location, with Kerry and Lindsie!”


3.   Tell me what has been one of your biggest accomplishments to date?

From a personal standpoint for sure my two kids, Brody and Ireland, and my 16-year marriage, together for 18, to my husband. These have been tremendous accomplishments for me to date.”


4.   What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“I founded Youth Fit Club (a running club) for 3rd - 5th graders that I ran for 4 years. At the peak, I had 3 sessions going with 40 kids in each session. The personal fulfillment I received, seeing the transformation in troubled children, (some cutting, overeating, etc.) finding running and exercise to be enjoyable and turning around their lives was beyond words.”


5.   Tell me about someone who influenced your decision to become a trainer?

“I really can’t pinpoint one person, as there have been many people who have impacted me on my fitness journey. I have struggled with a horrible body image since I was very young and began taking diet pills in 6th grade. There have been many friends and family who have helped me immensely. Now at age 40, I can say I am confident and comfortable in my body.”


6.   What foods/drinks do you have a hard time resisting?

“Hands down and no question, coffee with half and half (that is the one thing that I haven’t been able to give up). I drink a lot of coffee as I’m up everyday at 4:45 am. Unless I’m opening up the PH360 studio at 5:00 am, I’m up at 3:00 am. So, coffee is a MUST!”


7.   What is your favorite thing to do on your down time?

“Anything outdoors! Especially in the mountains, that is my happy place. We love hiking as a family and I look forward to “day dates” with my husband, hiking or mountain biking.


8.   What is your favorite cheat meal?

“Red wine and a great hamburger and fries, but they have to be awesome! A few of my favorites: Red Robin, Yard House or Greens and Proteins Bison Burger.”


9.    What powers you?

“HEALTH DOES! As I get older, to wake up every day and feel healthy and strong, is an absolute blessing and that is what keeps me motivated to stay fit. I have friends and family members who have passed away younger and older, and I just don’t take my life for granted. And, that is what keeps me going!”



What would you tell someone thinking about becoming a member at Power Hour 360?   

“There are so many reasons, but let me start with this: When you join PH360 you become a part of the Power Hour family. You get so much more than a great workout, you join a community that supports you and encourages you to keep powering through! I would tell people on the fence about becoming a member that you are NEVER too old to change and set new goals for yourself. You can change your path and become the person that you want to be!”