Healthy Eating Tips for Your 4th of July BBQ


Holidays are meant for celebrating and having a fantastic time. The 4th of July is one of those holidays when it’s easy to overdo things a bit. You don’t have to sacrifice your commitment to healthy eating or spend your time avoiding the great BBQ and beverage cart. Here are tips to save calories and keep you on track with your food and fitness goals.

●     Small plates – One of the oldest tricks for getting around overeating is to use smaller plates, cups, and bowls. When you use a smaller plate, the food looks bigger, so you're basically tricking the brain into feeling fuller with less total food.

●     Eat slowly– When you eat slowly, you consume fewer calories. Plus, it helps with signaling that feeling of fullness that says it time to stop eating. 

FYI:Eating slowly and chewing correctly means less air is going into the stomach, which means no stomach gas and abdominal bloating.

●      Eat healthy stuff first – Fill up on the healthy things first. Salads and watery veggies slow down digestion and have fewer calories. Choose protein as well as foods with heart benefits and healthy oils (fruits, veggies, nuts, hummus, etc.).

●      Skip the chips and bread– Refined sugars and carbs are the best for our emotions and the WORST for our bodies!  They’re filled with loads of sugar, salt, loads of calories and results in dangerous insulin spikes.  

TIP: You don’t have to eat your burger without the bun. Just pass on the chips and other filler snacks loaded with unnecessary calories.

●      Don’t desert dessert – You don't have to pass on dessert entirely but keep the portion sizes under control. Small sweets provide the psychological edge that allows you to stay focused on your fitness, without derailing your entire eating plan.

●     Think before you drink– Choosing what to drink can be the difference between losing or gaining weight and self-control. Stick with wine, beer and drink plenty of water and PACE YOURSELF. And, if you’re unable to maintain self-control, keep uber and lyft on speed dial.

DID YOU KNOW: Drinking three margaritas has more calories than you should consume in an entire day?