Trainer Spotlight: Benny


Tell me how you first got involved with Power Hour 360?

“Once I was eligible to work – after going through the USA work visa process – I when on Indeed and saw that Power Hour was looking for trainers. I applied for the position and shortly after, interviewed with the team. The meeting went well, and within a week, I was training at the Summerlin location.”

DID YOU KNOW?  Benny is from Bradford, a city in the northern county of West Yorkshire, England.


What has surprised you most about teaching at Power Hour 360?

“The fast pace and environment. For me, it has been important learning to be more of a people person and motivating people from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Plus, learning the different ways to encourage people and getting the most out of them has been inspiring.


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“Honestly, I actually quite lazy. I don’t like to admit, it but I am. When I lock in and focus on one thing, like the marathon that I recently finished, I give it my all, my 100% effort.  Buy, when doing this, everything else falls to the waste side and gets put on the back burner. Just ask my wife! Then, after the adrenaline from an event is over, I’m back to being lazy.  At the end of the day when I’m contemplating a run or doing absolutely nothing, it’s my clients and my wife that keeps me motivated. Seeing clients come in every day and giving 100% of themselves genuinely inspires me.


Tell me about something or someone who has influenced your passion for fitness and personal training?

“I know he will hate to hear me say this, but honestly the main inspiration in my life, that I also see as a mentor, is Power Hour Founder, Reinier Geyser. We come from similar backgrounds – the way we were raised, our hardships growing up, our vision – and even how we conduct ourselves. Everything that he is into from endurance events, his passion for fitness, and outlook on life, is very similar to my life. To work so closely with someone like Reinier is an honor.  If I can emulate some of the things he has done, I know that I can be very successful as well.  

Joining the army and training as an Airborne Forces Paratrooper had also inspired me. Being such a young boy in the man’s world of the Armed Forces was highly motivating for me, and I had to grow up quickly. I took to the fitness aspects of it immediately. So, when I became senior ranking and began training the junior troops, my passion for teaching them to perform their jobs at peak levels and getting into top shape started. When I decided to leave the Armed Forces and transfer into civilian life, I wanted to continue my focus on fitness, while doing something that I genuinely enjoy.

Now, I’m able to pass on my knowledge and inspire people to better themselves.  Some people are preachers, some people go out and do aid work and charity. My form of aid work or charity and preaching is through inspiring better health and fitness.


FINAL QUESTION: What would you tell someone thinking about joining Power Hour 360?  

To Potential Trainers:

●     You have to do it for the right reasons because you’re helping people to change their lives. Regardless of their ability, they show up wanting your help and guidance. 

●     Be genuine and let clients see that you are passionate about what you do.

●     Be true to yourself so that your clients want to emulate your behavior.

To Potential Members

●     We’re a community.

●     You come in for a 60-minute intense workout, and you’ll gain a few friends. 

●     You'll sweat and get excellent results.

●     You’ll have fun while you're doing it.

●    It’s not about egos. And bravado gets left at the door.