It's getting to be that time of the year, the first weeks are ending and the lofty resolutions we made for ourselves are most likely slipping away. All the goals we set, the promises we made to ourselves are becoming difficult to keep up with on a daily basis. There is no place in life where this is more true than with our workout routines. Whether it is bad eating habits or skipping workouts the key is to not lose sight of your end result. Dieting or exercising for one day or even a couple days will only give you very brief changes, these often wash off in the shower as we fall away from our plan. Remind yourself that your goals are important to you, they will not be accomplished in one day or one week even, and remind yourself the only way to reach your goal is to show up every day ready to work for them. 


Remind yourself that this goal is important to you. Whether it is for health reasons or for body image reasons, if the goal is important to you and you know exactly why, you are more likely to stick with your plan. Outline your goal with a starting point, an end point, and everything that has to happen in the meantime. Each day you want to skip what you need to do, remind yourself the only way to reach your goal is that it is still important and you need to chip away day by day. 


Remind yourself that your goal will take some time. Lack of results can be a major deterrent to many people in keeping with a health related goal. These things are slow processes and if you are not consistent over a long period of time, it will be difficult to see any changes. Each time you get frustrated by a lack of progress remind yourself that this is a long process and the only way to be successful is to show up ready to work everyday. 


Show up everyday! This is an essential part of reaching any goal or target. Most of the hardship you will face will come as barriers to showing up or barriers to getting started. As long as you get to the gym every day, you will have good days and bad days, but if you fail to show up then every day will negatively affect your progress towards your goals.


When the going gets tough, the tough keep showing up! Don't let your new year's resolutions die just yet, don't give up on that weight loss, strength, or endurance goal. Each day you hear that voice in your head telling you to just be comfortable, remember that the only way to make lasting change is to make yourself a little uncomfortable. So get off that couch and revisit those new year's resolutions, it's not too late to make lasting change this year.