Don’t waste time filling out that OTHER bracket you’ll never win, join our POWER MADNESS BRACKET instead for a chance to win great prizes! Starting March 19th all of our studio locations will compete to see who will make it to the big dance and win the grand prize. Here’s how it works:

Phase 1 Qualifying (3/19-3/30):

Power Madness is an intra-studio challenge for our members during the March Madness basketball tournament. During Phase 1 Participants will collect points from 3/19-3/30. Members can accrue points any way they want.


Phase 2 Bracket Competition (4/1-4/4):

We will then take a 1-day break to establish a leaderboard. Starting on April 1st each of the top 16 members at each studio (64 total) will be placed into a daily challenge bracket. Brackets will be filled at each studio by placing #16 against #1, #15 against #2, #14 against #3, etc.

During the bracket competition, points will only be taken from the best class that one-day. You can do more than one class BUT we will only take your best score. The members with the most points in each bracket will move into the next day’s bracket.

As the week progresses the top 64 will work down to a final 4.

Monday 4/1: 64 (32 brackets)

Tuesday 4/2: 32 (16 brackets)

Wednesday 4/3: 16 (8 brackets)

Thursday 4/4: 8 (4 brackets)


Phase 3 The Finals! (4/6-4/8)

We will have a Final 4 day with the top 4 finalists and we will end with the final between our top two competitors and crown the CHAMPION.

Saturday 4/6: Final 4  

Monday 4/8: Final


Note: All challenges are determined by points earned in class. This is a COLD BLOODED competition, if you can’t make it that day you will automatically lose. Don’t be a bracket buster! Join today - It’s going to be MADNESS!