Don’t Let The Scale Get You Down


Often times when we begin a new workout routine or have been doing a workout routine for a while there is a tendency to get frustrated with lack of movement on the bathroom scale. Body weight can be a tricky thing. There are several concepts to understand that contribute to this effect but it is important to remember that change takes time and you will need to stay consistent in order to make any changes lasting.

The first roadblock to get over is the concept of a body weight “Set Point.” The Human body usually does not want to change size and shape. If you try to lose an enormous amount of weight the body will compensate by releasing hormones to make you more fatigued or more hungry. Similarly if you try to gain weight the body will reduce your appetite and increase metabolic output. Because of this it does take a strong push to get the body to respond to your initial dietary and exercise changes but with consistent changes over time the body will respond and you will eventually see the results you are looking for. 


The second culprit that can lead to excess pounds is “Muscle Tone.” Another difficulty when beginning a weight loss or fitness program is the initial increase in lean muscle and bone mass that happens as a result of increasing physical activity. Most of this increase is due to water retention and an increase in “Muscle Tone”. Muscle Tone is a muscles preparedness to flex or do work. As muscle tone increases the amount of fluid held within the muscles increases which can cause you to hold on to a couple pounds as you begin an exercise program.


Lastly it is important to remember that the human body adapts to stress and you will eventually hit a “Metabolic Equilibrium.” Although you have reduced or increased your caloric intake and made changes to your exercise habits, these changes can not be sufficient for indefinite weight loss or gain. If you consume 500 less calories in a day your body will adjust its lean mass to sustain itself on the lower amount of calories. 


When beginning a new fitness regime, it is important to remain realistic with your goals and your expectations. No amount of body weight will change in a short amount of time. Weight loss or weight gain takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to accomplish. It is most important to remember where you started from and how long it took you to get in that shape. Allow time and remain consistent and changes will take place.