From the time you wake up until you hit the pillow at night...

1. Drink a big swig of water first thing in the morning. Drinking water early in the morning
helps to stimulate the digestive system and wake up your body. Put your water bottle
next to your bed for easy access!

2. Keep a big bowl of ‘no fuss’ fruit on your kitchen table at all times. (easy to eat fruit like:
apples, pears, bananas, clementines) Make it a habit to grab 2-3 pieces on your way out
the door for work or any time you leave the house. Avoid getting stuck out & about with a
growling stomach. This usually leads to stopping for unhealthy, high calorie snacks and
meals. And NOBODY has become overweight from eating too much fruit, so don’t get
caught in the trap of fruit having too much sugar...donuts have too much sugar!

3. Take a 15 min sunshine break a day. Have your morning coffee on the porch. Walk
around the block or your office building at work. Eat your lunch outside. Getting just 15
minutes of exposure to the sun everyday gives you the right amount of Vitamin D to
prevent colds and keep you healthy.

4. Move your body! Put your gym time on your daily schedule. That way you are committed
and it is a solid part of your routine. Exercise is not only proven to improve physical
health but mental health and relationships as well!

5. Dinnertime- put the gadgets away, put on some tunes and let your eyes and brain rest!
Whether it’s 80’s hits or classical...music has the ability to relax you as well as boost
your mood instantly.

6. Go to bed with a clear mind! Have a pad and pen next to your bed and jot down a list of
what you want/need to do the next day. This can alleviate anxiety created by your mind
racing through that mental list while trying to fall asleep.