The Power of a Goal


You want to know how to make things happen...SET A GOAL!
Get out a piece of paper and write down the goal.
You will be amazed at how that simple action can get things moving.
When weight loss is the goal, the #1 way to propel yourself towards success is to...


SIGN UP for a 5K, 10K, ½ marathon, marathon, triathlon, duathlon, obstacle race, mud run...whatever excites you!!!

An even better way to work towards that goal is to grab a buddy and do it together! There is always Power in Numbers!

Once you have signed up...time to START TRAINING!
There are great training programs online or ask your favorite trainer to create one for you! Most race series even have training programs available for purchase when you sign up for the race.

When you are training regularly for an event, strange things start to happen...
You become:
EXCITED by how strong you quickly become as you steadily build up your miles!
MOTIVATED to eat for energy and nutrition to power your body towards the finish line
EMPOWERED by the vision of a friendly face placing a medal around your neck
PROUD to be fit and active and among like-minded people

...And all of a sudden, you have lost weight and you are either at your goal or a whole lot closer!

DO IT. Set a goal. See what happens.