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Maria, Vernon and Adrian

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What has been your motivation to get in and stay in shape?

Maria:  My motivation to get in and stay in shape is my husband Vernon, and my two children, April and Adrian.

Vernon: My motivation is so that I can be there for Maria and my kids for a very long time. Losing 28 lbs. in 3 ½ months of PH360 is continued motivation!

Adrian: I really wanted to go to college being more fit and having a good foundation so that I can maintain what I started and keep learning different things to help me improve. I didn’t want too leave for college and fall back into my old routine.

What is something you've always wanted to do but have been too scared to try?

Maria: Honestly, I have always wanted to do a marathon but have never had the confidence in my running and fitness abilities to tackle one. I too am planning to complete the Las Vegas Marathon in November.

Vernon: I have always wanted to do a marathon. I’m planning to do the upcoming Las Vegas Marathon in November. It doesn’t help that I DO NOT like CARDIO!

Adrian: I’ve always wanted to try skydiving and bungee jumping. I thing it would be awesome to fly through the sky.

If you could trade places with one person for a day who would it be and why?

Maria: The reason I found PH360 was because of a friend I work with who works out at PH360 and runs with the Lululemon Running Club. If I could trade places with anyone, it would be Sheila Cruz, I admire her ability to run with ease!

Vernon: I would trade places with my future self in 6-months. I want to see how much better shape I’ll be in and the difference it will make in my confidence!

Adrian: I would trade places with Sylvester Stallone for a day just so I could see first hand what his work ethic is really like and learn the ways that he trains.

What accomplishment are you proudest of?

Maria: PH360 has allowed me to accomplish feeling so much stronger and fit. I can’t believe the increased energy and motivation I have on a daily basis. If you could have told me 3 ½ months ago I would feel the way I do, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Vernon: When it comes to PH360, I’m most proud of my commitment, and my new found strength and confidence that I’ve accomplished in just 3 ½ months.

Adrian: I am most proud of seeing how far I’ve come since I started PH360. My endurance is better, my speed is faster, I feel stronger and I have a lot more energy.



WHAT POWERS YOU? (Motivates, inspires, ignites passion, etc.)

Maria – My family is what powers me! I want to live and be around for a very long time. Working in a hospital everyday, I see so many people who have serious health issues and problems. Feeling healthy and confident and building on that continues to power me!

Vernon – Like Maria, my family powers me! I want to be healthy and strong so I don’t let myself, or my family down. Furthermore, the PH360 community of trainers and members encourage me and hold me accountable, that is a tremendous power charge!

Adrian – Seeing my progress is what powers me to keep going to the gym here at school and applying what I learned at PH360 to my workouts. I want to keep getting stronger and faster. My dad and I are competitive, so I sort of want to kick his butt too!



Maria and Vernon – You know when you have children, your world revolves around them and you forget how to enjoy each other. Now that both our children are in college, PH360 has brought us so much closer together and it is like having “date nights” when we meet at PH360! This program really helps us be accountable to each other and our workouts, not to mention, when we are done with our Power Hour, we are on a high!


Maria and Vernon – We have never worked out somewhere that feels like family and community! When we walk through the door, all the trainers know our names and other members are genuinely happy to see and work out with us. The trainers make us feel like we have a personal cheerleader! Lastly, the PH360 app has made it simple to track our progress and compete with other members, especially as a family!

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