CindI & Sophia


How did you find out about PH360 and how long have you been going to classes

(CF) "I attended Orangetheory Fitness years ago with friends. I found out about Power Hour through Kendall (PH360 Instructor-Northwest). It was at Christmas time that I went in and signed up for the 30-day introductory offer. Shortly after that, I got Sophia in on same package to try it with me."


What motivated you to get in and stay in shape?

(SF) “I wanted to get in shape because I wasn’t feeling my best. I know that I’m happier in shape rather than when I’m not in shape.”

 (CF)“I recently had a running injury. And because I'm getting older, I wanted to incorporate more weights into my workout and build more muscle. I'd heard that as you get older it is important to build muscle, so I thought I'd better start focusing on it."


 What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

(CF) “Oh wow, that’s a hard one. That’s always a difficult question for women to answer. I guess I would have to say my arms.”

(SF) "I think I would say my arms, as well. Building a lot of muscle is where you get noticeable results."


What would be harder to give up, sugar or salt? Coffee or alcohol?

(SF)“Salt would be harder to give up.” 

(CF)"Out of all  the food groups, for me, it would be cheese. I'm a cheesehead! I’d also have to go with alcohol, and I love my wine! There's nothing better than a nice glass of wine at the end of the day." It's very relaxing.


What is something you've always wanted to do, but have been too scared to try?

(CF) "I'm pretty adventurous, so I really can't think of anything. I don't have a lot of fears. I'm not afraid of heights. I scuba dive and I've gone bungee jumping. My only concern is snakes! Sophia would be best to answer that question. She wanted to conquer her fear of heights for her 17th birthday. So, she recently went to the Stratosphere and bungee jumped.”


If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

(CF)"I would trade places with my husband, who is a firefighter. I like his schedule, and I like that he has the flexibility of working indoors and outdoors and he has a much more physical job than I do."

 (SF)"I would say trading places with a performer. I like to sing, so I would say trading places with an artist like Adam Levine would be fun.”


What accomplishment are you proudest?

(CF) My kids. I enjoy being a mom and being a Sunday school teacher. I've run marathons with my husband, so I see that as an accomplishment. And, I'm former military as well, which is a great accomplishment. Being able to make the transition from being a full-time mom to a professional working out of the home, was significant. I've always wanted my kids to know that you can have a job, be a parent while at the same time, be athletic and take care of yourself.” 

 (SF) “Learning to drive has been a great accomplishment.”


What is your favorite PH360 work out?

(CF) "We both like the boxing classes. It's good after a long day. It gives you clarity and you get to take it all out on the bag. Plus, when you take the evening boxing class, you get a really good night’s sleep after as well."


 What’s special about PH360?

(CF) "It's a well-rounded class, where you get a little bit of everything and won't get bored with the workout. And, there is a different workout all the time.  You're also pushing yourself when you are looking at the different zones on the monitor. So, you can tailor your workout to meet or beat your expectations. To me, it’s a great environment that doesn't feel so franchised.”

(SF) “It’s a community. And we know a lot of people who go there now, which makes the classes a lot more fun.” 




(Motivates, inspires, ignites passion, etc.)

 (CF) "The instructors! Benny, Kendall, and Diana help and motivate us. Plus, they are so positive, and they really push us. You can always have a good workout. But if you have a good instructor, you are more inclined to go back, and you'll always have a better workout. They know when you are slacking and know your breakthrough points, and they are there to help push you through it.”