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Dale Oranges

Power Hour 360 Q&A with Dale Oranges
What Powers You?


What has been your motivation to get in and stay in shape?

"Sadly, both of my parents died young, younger than the age I am now. I use their untimely deaths as motivation to keep me in shape. I want to be around to see my two daughters and grandchildren grow up. It’s also nice to be able to enjoy how I look and feel and confident in my body. It’s funny, before coming to PH360, I never stayed with a fitness program longer than 3 months. I’ve done yoga and other memberships, but end up quitting quickly. Thankfully, Kerry and Reinier are “magnetic” and have encouraged me to stay motivated and pushed me to reach my goals.”

What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself? (Keep it clean!)

"I would have to say my shoulders and arms, because I can see the definition and I feel really strong!"

Which would be harder to give up: Sugar or salt? Coffee or alcohol?

"For sure, salt over sugar. I need to have a touch of salt on my food, especially on my avocado and chicken with the Eat Like Your Trainer program, which by the way, was when I saw the real transformation in my body composition and how I feel. I have never been a big coffee drinker, but I do enjoy alcohol (and having fun) on occasion, especially with my cheat meal once a week!"

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

I have always wanted to complete a half or a full marathon. Several years ago, I began training for one and sustained a foot injury that put me on the sidelines. I believe with my training with PH360, I will be able to get my first BIB number this next year, which is really exciting, as this has been on my bucket list for many years!

If you could trade places with one person for a day who would it be and why?

I would love to trade places with my 16-year- old granddaughter for a day just to experience the difference of what it was like when I was 16 years old. To experience all the social media, photos/selfies and technology the kids have today that I never had at that age...what a fun day that would be!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Truly, the accomplishments I am most proud of are raising my two amazing,successful and talented daughters, Candace and Rebecca. There is nothing more gratifying and fulfilling than watching them both excel in life!"


WHAT POWERS YOU? (Motivates, inspires, ignites passion, etc.)

No question, my husband, daughters and grandchildren and the desire and determination to stay healthy and fit so that I can be on this earth for a very long time to enjoy life and making memories with them."


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